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Arvind Envisol Limited – STP

  • Task Consumer Digital Content
  • IndustryManufacturing
  • Location Ahmedabad
  • Service(s) Provided Virtual Reality
  • watch-video

Problem Statement

Arvind Envisol is an international water management company that renders solutions for treatment of industrial water. Arvind Envisol approached Plutomen to develop a virtual tour of the factory including its premises for a special visit by a guest. 


 Plutomen developed the 360 degrees’ virtual tour which that can be taken from web browser, iPad and VR devices. The virtual tour is integrated inside the client’s website to promote their factory towards green source of energy and recycling. 

Our team stayed at the plant for a specific time duration to get the project executed as it had to be executed on a specific date proposed by the client. 

The factory virtual tour showcases entire factory premises from main view, clean water tank, maintenance room, boiler house and other areas.

The Process


The use of the factory tour has helped a lot for the internal training team. It has also become easier for them to showcase the same to their clients. Our team was also congratulated as the project was executed in a short time span. 

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