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Bhutani Alphathum

  • Task Consumer Application Development
  • IndustryReal Estate
  • Location Ahmedabad
  • Service(s) Provided Mobile App Development
  • watch-video

Problem Statement

Bhutani Alpathum is a real estate company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. They wanted us to develop a solution that is an all-inclusive real estate booking engine with an immersive element that provides clients with unique experience.


Plutomen developed the Real Estate Booking Engine application which helps the user to actually experience the property before booking it.   

Through this application the user was able to view the building with day and night view. The property can be viewed Wing wise, floor wise where it shows the square feet, and information on available and sold offices. 

It shows unit no. square feet and the price for the particular office when the user hovers the mouse over the different offices in 360-degree view. When the specific office is clicked, a price sheet is displayed with all the relevant pricing information related to the office. The user can then go forward with the booking by filling in the personal details and then selecting the payment procedure.  

The property also has an Infinity Pool for the users to see how does it look. The user can have a walkthrough of the entire infinity pool with variety options such as day and night simulation, movements, zoom in and zoom out, help option and rotation. 

The Process


Upon delivery of the said application, the client got a greater PR attention. Gamification element helped in increasing customer engagement. Users were able to view the offices right from their homes before booking them. 

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