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Milacron India Pvt Ltd

  • Task Consumer AR Solution and Content Development
  • IndustryManufacturing
  • Location Ahmedabad
  • Service(s) Provided Augmented Reality
  • watch-video

Problem Statement

Milacron is an international manufacturer, distributor and servicer of industrial components based in America. They cater equipment specific to molding and extrusion molding. Through years of delivering customized industrial solutions and MRO, Milacron had established its name at both local and global level.  

Since it is a herculean task to transport heavy machinery to showcase it to the client, Milacron wanted to partner with us to develop a solution that can cut down logistics cost and time helping them train their workforce and market their equipment. 


By understanding the need of the situation, we at Plutomen developed the Machine AR application which helps the user to view the machines in Augmented Reality (AR) 3D format. In the application we have used the Marker-based (Explore ONTARGET) and Markerless (Explore ONGROUND) technology.  

The Process


Plutomen had successfully developed MachineARie, a solution that solved the dual purpose of training workforce and marketing the machinery to the clients since it rendered a fully scalable 3D recreation of the machinery that can be rotated 360° highlighting useful information on its important components.    

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