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Rohan Iksha

  • Task Consumer App Development
  • IndustryReal Estate
  • Location Ahmedabad
  • Service(s) Provided Mobile App Development
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Problem Statement

Rohan Group is a real estate company based in Bangalore that was established in 1993. They approached Plutomen for a solution that can provide their prospects an immersive experience. This meant an experience that gave them a visual tour of their properties from the comfort of their home along with real time information on their availability. 


Plutomen developed the Real Estate Booking Engine application which helps the user to view the property and book them instantly.  The user can view visit the website of the company to view the properties. 

Under the booking engine section, the user can view the building, surrounding gardens and roads. The property can be viewed tower wise, floor wise where it shows the square feet, type of BHK and how many are available. 

When clicked on the specific floor, it showed the apartment that are available to be booked. It is all under the floor plan. It showed the Unit no., square feet, type of BHK (2 BHK, 3 BHK) and the price for the particular home when the user hovered the mouse over the different properties. 

When the specific home is clicked, a price sheet is displayed with all the relevant pricing information related to the apartment. The user can then go forward with the booking by filling in the personal details and then selecting the payment procedure.  

The Process


After the deployment of the application the prospects were able to get a 360 view of the property from inside out. This meant increase in the number of bookings and prospects.  

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