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The manufacturing sector is witnessing change with AR in manufacturing sector being adopted at a rapid pace. It is also equally important for them to maintain the quality standards without

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Power and Renewables

The growth of the power sector is imminent and with safety as top priority, enterprises are looking forward to adopting futuristic technologies to significantly cut down failure rate when it

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Increasing global population has led to a surging increase in demand for locomotion and automotive industry is in immense pressure to meet this surging demand. And with strong rivalry from

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The Healthcare industry is in dire need of innovation as it is growing rapidly with advancements in the field of medicine. With pressure of maintaining high SLA compliance ratio the

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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is expanding fast and organizations are looking for rapid outcomes while ensuring the safety of their workers. It has also become imperative for them to

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With the global need for upgradation in security it is critical for defense industry to increase their production and meet production schedules within set budgets.  To decrease the number of

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With the growth of AI and Machine Learning technologies, it is apparent that the demand for automation has increased. Enterprises are migrating their productions with AR automation software and less

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The Ecommerce industry is growing and with the rapid digital transformation that is taking place around the globe it has become important for them to stand out. Enterprises are looking

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Learning and Training

With the skill deficit an apparent cause of concern among different enterprises in industries, more organizations are looking forward to upskill their workers by adopting AR in learning and development.

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Travel & Hospitality

The hospitality and travel industry is booming with increasing number of travelers every year exploring new destinations around the globe. There is also a high demand of unique service and

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Real Estate

The real estate sector is constantly facing change. With the increasing demand for housing, it has become crucial for companies to adapt AR VR in real estate to move ahead

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With the global increase in demand for services that leave a mark on customers, it has become important for organizations to create experiences that surpass customers’ expectations. Marketing and Promotion

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Case study

Here is a recentcase study

Wipro Limited – Digital Design Studio

Wipro is a known name in business process services and information technology consulting internationally.

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Arvind Envisol Limited – Kaigo

KaiGO is an industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures high quality products.

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