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Power and Renewables


The growth of the power sector is imminent and with safety as top priority, enterprises are looking forward to adopting futuristic technologies to significantly cut down failure rate when it comes to transformers. For inspections, it is critical to have a trained workforce without any compromise on safety. AR in energy sector can help enterprises render condition based proactive maintenance, perform accurate ratio monitoring, fleet analysis, TEC system inspections to mitigate downtimes.


  • Grid downtime 
  • Transmission system errors 
  • Expansion of transition systems 
  • Outage handling 
  • Increasing transformer failure rate 
  • Equipment deterioration  
  • Preventive maintenance 


  • AR in energy sector has increased the annual revenue of enterprises by 58%
  • AR helps 70% of the power and renewable workforce by imparting the requisite skills
  • AR VR can bring plant and output downtime by as much as 30%
  • 15% to 20% rise in efficiency due to AR VR
  • Plant and output downtime by 50% and safety by
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AR/VR based solutions for enterprises across all the industry sectors

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what we offer

Use case

AR/VR based solutions for enterprises across all the industry sectors

Blood Pressure Monitoring System

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Case study

Here is a recentcase study

Wipro Limited – Digital Design Studio

Wipro is a known name in business process services and information technology consulting internationally.

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Arvind Envisol Limited – Kaigo

KaiGO is an industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures high quality products.

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