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Teleportation via Augmented Reality

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  • Keyur Bhalavat
  • June 8, 2018
  • 5 min to read
Teleportation via Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is rapidly growing in popularity because it brings elements of the virtual world into our real world. This enhances user experience, and the things we see, hear and feel. AR is proving itself a very useful tool in our daily life. AR is making a serious impact on the industries of the world. Not just for gaming anymore, but for the biggest industries.

An enhanced version of the reality, augmented reality is superimposing of computer generated images over a user’s perspective of the real world. The origin of the word augmented is ‘augment’ that means to add or enhance something. In case of AR technology, it is not only about graphics, but it also involves sounds and touch feedback to create an enhanced user experience. Users of augmented reality experience a new and improved natural world.

AR is being used in different industries for various purposes. AR Apps can be as simple as a text notification to as complex as industrial training or the assistance to a life-critical surgical procedure. They can highlight specific features, enhance easier understanding, provide timely data and is easy to access.

Several types of augmented reality technology exists, each having their own objective and application use cases.

  1. Marker based AR – also known as Image Recognition uses the device camera and a marker such as a 2D image or code, to produce the result when the marker is being scanned by the user. This is perhaps the form of AR most people are familiar with. Our in-house platforms such as immobiliAR and machinARie, for instance, use marker-based AR.
  2. Markerless AR – also known as location-based, position-based or GPS AR, uses a GPS, digital compass accelerometer or velocity meter which is embedded in the device to provide the data based on the location. Google is adding this feature to its Maps, wherein you will see AR overlays in Street view. We expect this to move beyond information dissemination and into marketing space soon – where, for example, you might scan a street and see balloons popping up with merchant-specific ads customised to your interests.
  3. Projection based AR – it works by projecting artificial light into the real world object or surface. Such applications allows human interaction by sending light onto a real object and then sensing the human interaction of the projected light.
  4. Superimposition based AR – this either partially or fully replaces the real world view with a new augmented virtual world.

Its advancement in gaming, real estate and entertainment have given a lot to the industry and is the next best tool for marketing in the upcoming year. AR has a lot to offer to industries such as education, automobile, healthcare, travel, manufacturing, designing etc., and not just entertainment.

It is predicted that by 2025, the revenue for augmented reality and virtual reality in different industries is expected to reach US$ 120 Bn. The major players will video games ($11.6 billion), health care ($5.1 billion), engineering ($4.7 billion), video entertainment ($3.2 billion), real estate ($2.6 billion), retail ($1.6 billion), military ($1.4 billion) and education ($7 million).

As AR is growing day by day and there has been various innovations, from simply scanning 2D images to real time 3D object tracking, from driving experience to learning to perform surgeries, and much more. The next thing which AR holds is teleporting.

What comes to your mind when you think of teleportation? You probably know about teleporting the best from the likes of “Star Trek” and “The Fly.” It might sound like something straight out of some science fiction, but using Augmented Reality technology, teleportation is possible. The work continues today, as researchers combine elements of telecommunications, transportation and quantum physics in astounding ways. This amazing technology would make it possible for humans to travel vast distances without physically crossing the space between.

AR teleportation is pretty easy, as the human just has to use the application on his device and he can be teleported to the virtual world from the real world. It is taking two 3D experiences and you’re being splicing them to be right up against one another. Global transportation will become instantaneous, and interplanetary travel will literally become one small step for human.

Teleporting with AR will be a great experience for users. As this tool will be will be widely used in different sectors for different purposes. For instance, how boring are these teleconferencing? Imagine turning your office meeting room into a virtual remote office. Through teleporting you can feel that you’re having face-to-face interaction rather than having a normal skype video call.

This technology can a be an amazing marketing tool for real estate professionals, as they do not have ask their clients to travel and visit the site to take a look at. Through teleporting, the client will be able to step inside the virtual world (same as entering inside a newly built architecture) and can look and feel everything without travelling to the exahe site.

Something similar will be happening in the field of production. Why travel across the sea to visit a scene set. Just few click on your mobile device, and you’re there without even taking a single step. One can take a virtual tour of the entire place sitting on your comfortable sofa in your officeat home.

How about using this tool for solving criminal cases? Doubtful? Consider how easier it will become for someone to restructure the entire crime scene virtually and know what and how things actualappened.

The technology will be a path breaker for the gaming industry too, telling the story that the user has instantiated the nexterience.

We, Plutomen Technologies is building the next-gen tool for people to communicate with each other virtually using Augmented Realityhnology.

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