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Image Recognition

Jaw-dropping experiences for your audience with Image Recognition

Many Augmented Reality experiences can be enhanced by using known features of the user’s environment to trigger the appearance of virtual content. For instance, a event mobile app might show a virtual visiting card when the user points their device at a image, or a board might place virtual pieces when the player points their device at a game board. In iOS 11.3 and later, you can add such features to your AR experience by enabling image recognition in ARKit: Your app provides known 2D images, and ARKit tells you when and where those images are detected during an AR session.

At Plutomen, AR is one of the things we are really unbeatable at. Our team of experts in the field of augmented reality can create augmented worlds that are as you’ve visualized them. AR can be used for experiential marketing, training, learning, healthcare, teleporting (with a proven positive impact on survivors of PTSD) and mind-training applications.

One of the key success factors for Image Recognition is how perfect it can be, and this in turn is a function of the hardware/software used. At Plutomen, we have the skill and the expertise to build for every format.

Our Expertise

3D Object Tracking

AR Application

AR Kit

AR Core

AR Game Development

E-Commerce Integration

Our Proficiency

    • Augmented Reality Applications
    • Application testing and security
    • UI & UX Development
    • Quality Assurance
    • Strategic planning, management and support

Distinct Values

    • Multi-device support
    • Enhanced performance and speed
    • Better functionality and features
    • Rich UI elements and experience
    • Enhanced visual appeal
    • Increased business impact
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Arvind Envisol Limited – Kaigo

KaiGO is an industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures high quality products.

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