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Virtual Stores

Augmenting Your Shopping Cart Through A Virtual Store 

You step into a store as you gaze at the palette of carefully crafted products. You pick them up and try to evaluate whether it is within your budget or not. There is no one rushing behind you as you freely choose your next priced possession. You are confused about what to pick from as a virtual consultant joins you assisting you with what is suitable for you. You rush to the counter rest assured of your choice for checkout, adding items to your wish list as you bid adieu. You just experienced virtual shopping and what a visit to a virtual store is like, where you can experience products, removing the setbacks that come from brick-and-mortar shops like limited space and options or disturbance from the external environment. According to a study, over 20% of shoppers want a change in their retail experience. A virtual store is an augmented version of a regular store with every aspect of it designed to cater specifically to enhancing customer experience. In this virtual store all the products of a particular catalog are showcased accurately using the intelligent technology of XR (Extended reality a term that is collectively used for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) . 

Our Expertise

Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Property Show

Virtual Product Launch

Virtual Convocation

Virtual Museum

Virtual Exhibition

Our Proficiency

    • Process  
    • Technology  
    • People 
    • Software  
    • Devices  

Distinct Values

    • Accurate 3D recreation of products 
    • Real life like virtual store environments  
    • Interactive real time insights on products 
    • 3D Experience zones for customers  
Case study

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Wipro Limited – Digital Design Studio

Wipro is a known name in business process services and information technology consulting internationally.

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Arvind Envisol Limited – Kaigo

KaiGO is an industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures high quality products.

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