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For any industry, the backbones are the technological workhorses that keep enterprises running and produce outputs that carve growth for any enterprise. For these assets to be up and running from time to time, periodical maintenance and repairs are a must. A study has found that running equipment to the point of failure can be highly costly, about ten times than regular maintenance. And to attend to these highly complex queries, there is a need for equally adept experts who are in line with the workforce responsible for attending to these repairs and maintenance jobs.

  • Centralized user management
  • AI-powered knowledge center with troubleshooting videos
  • On-the-go maintenance guide
  • Chatbot, one to one and group chat with doc sharing
  • User analytics from the admin dashboard


AR is significantly disrupting business by transforming the way communication is done in businesses worldwide. Through smart immersive technology, businesses can communicate anytime, anywhere regardless of their location and environment or time. Timings and processes no longer bind organizations won’t be stopped anymore waiting for the instructions to be supplied to the servicemen at a given time. Since timings are one of the most critical factors in communication, it has become even more critical to offer a solution that solves waiting by bridging the gap between action takers and those rendering instructions.

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Long are gone are those times wherein machines had to be reliant heavily on experts solely to fix long production cycle times. Manufacturing giants with high technological capacities cannot afford to lose productive time due to breakdowns, machine failures, and halts. To be reliant on experts increases not only their waiting time but also the costs of logistics and fixing.

  • Instant and effective On-The-Job training solution
  • It is a 3D manual that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Provides an exploded view of a machine that helps in learning about its different components
  • It provides in-depth information on different components which can be used in marketing initiatives
  • Point the camera of your device to a surface


What makes online shopping experience memorable? Is it the website design? Is it the way products are organized according to a customer’s needs? Or is it the overall online shopping experience?

Unlike any regular shopping mart or retail shop, e-commerce websites don’t have large physical spaces that can be redecorated to suit customers’ preferences. They have to optimize the online space and design.

  • Anytime anywhere access of products
  • 360-degree view of the product
  • Range of variants to choose and try from
  • Accurate surface detection and product recreation
  • Saves time and costs by reducing returns


Measuring is a concept that has been part of humanity for a very long time. The use of cubits in ancient Egypt relied heavily on the length of the human body that specifically used a length of a forearm, hands, and palms as the basis of deriving measurement. Cubits were intelligent discovery as a unit of measurement for the time that was used primarily in the field of construction and surveying and similar areas where measurement was required.

  • Provides a virtual space for displaying different models
  • Screens all the possible variants and designs of a car in a real-time rendering
  • Renders a POV of the car comprising of the cockpit, passenger seating and more
  • Gives an in-depth view of how specific parts look together in different combinations
  • 360-degree view of the car with drive mode and flashlight feature


In an age where there are self-driven cars with user-specific thoughtful ergonomics such as automatically adjustable steering and seat controls tailored to the user’s comfort, it has become even more essential to find a way to bring such futuristic and technologically adept cars to the users.

These machines are built with years of research, billions of dollars with attention to quality and details. But many automobile manufacturers find themselves in a situation where they fail to make conversions and their cars don’t reach the customers as it was intended for originally.

  • Can be used to pitch features of the car to the customer directly
  • Data relating to preferences to a particular design combination can be obtained
  • Help user narrow down their choice from a range of selections
  • Provide users with anytime anywhere access to car’s features and designs


The world is getting bigger, and the need for real estate is growing stronger with the annual growth in population sizes across countries. By identifying the growing demand in real estate, many real estate companies have joined the market with over 2 million real estate agents in the US alone.

An increased number of people are looking for homes with an annual 4.5% increase in new property sales. Would you believe that over 650.17 thousand units of houses were sold between 1963 to 2019?

  • Helps in saving money on model development of future property
  • Provides the convenience of not traveling considerable distances to get a look of the desired property
  • Humongous range of properties to choose from with their 3D designs readily available
  • Assists in making better decisions when it comes to choosing home
  • It gives anytime anywhere virtual access to the property

AR-based Indoor navigation

Is there an alternative to GPS when it comes to indoor navigation? Why are businesses opting for a navigating solution for indoors?

All these questions demand a solution for solving different indoor navigation-related problems allowing users to navigate through unknown spaces.

AR  is disrupting business operations through the range of solutions it offers. Plutomen has invested its technological capabilities in designing solutions that increase the potentials of business operations.

  • Navigating through unknown spaces
  • User engagement
  • Spaces for organizations to host their products
  • Sending useful analytics and stats
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