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What makes online shopping experience memorable? Is it the website design? Is it the way products are organized according to a customer’s needs? Or is it the overall online shopping experience?

Unlike any regular shopping mart or retail shop, e-commerce websites don’t have large physical spaces that can be redecorated to suit customers’ preferences. They have to optimize the online space and design. This means to come up with a solution that can provide their customers with an experience that stands out compared to physical shopping. This is also one of the main reasons why some retailing giants are hesitant to move to online platforms. However, some of the e-commerce giants have managed to pull customer base from around the globe by accelerating their efforts in terms of logistics, product availability, and product quality assurance. It was found that cross border-e-commerce has increased by 20%.

The eCommerce sector is booming with an annual growth of 23%, with sites like Amazon pulling most customers with over 2.5 billion visitors every month. According to Statista, there are over 3.8 billion digital buyers. One of the reasons for the instant growth of eCommerce is the all-time accessibility regardless of the location of the customer. And if you have a good internet connection, your experience gets amplified at high speeds.

Many commercial businesses don’t have a site (about 40%), and they solely run their business through a brick-and-mortar model, focusing on improving the customer’s shopping experience. They do this by analyzing their customers’ buying behavior, preferences and identifying the aspects of their shopping experience that count the most.

Due to the migration of many retail enterprises online, there is a gap when it comes to the physical experience that the customers are looking for. There is also a looming challenge of returns. According to a research report from Statista, over trillion dollars of returns were made in retail in 2019. And to fill that gap, businesses are spending millions and millions of dollars.

It is quite obvious that businesses have to come up with a way to provide their customers with a unique experience, leaving a mark on them such that they become returning customers that increase profits for their business.

What if we told you that there is a single application that eliminates the need for you to visit a shop? What if we told you that you could actually experience the product from the comfort of your home?

We present to you, EcomARcio! An application that will take you to the future of shopping by taking your products to customers worldwide through smart devices. Customers have their share of difficulties when it comes to figuring out whether the product that they have purchased online will fit well in their space.

EcomARcio was developed using the powers of futuristic technology that is augmented reality that allows customers to interact with products and experience them in a virtual world that is tailored specifically for them. So, in addition to being able to access different isles from the comfort of their home, the users will also be to experience products. All they have to do is to point their device to a desired location, and they will get a fast 3D view of the product.

The application will allow them to scale and try and help them visualize if it fits better with their space. After choosing the desired variant, the customer will be directed to the respective sellers and attractive offers on the product.

One issue that is often prevalent in applications is that they lag a lot affecting the overall experience. In EcomARcio, this issue is resolved with speedy response times allowing your customers to drag, click, enlarge, and rotate without any lagging.

It is made for retailers who want to market their products by delivering a unique interactive experience to their users, helping them cut down sales returns by a significant level. This application was developed with AR markers that render accurate view of different products in 3D in a particular space.

Customers can gain 360-degree insight into the product that you are planning to add to your digital cart. EcomARcio has opened a lot of possibilities in terms of marketing and efficiency by saving you on the costs of logistics that are part of the loss in case the customer returns the product wholly without any scope of repurchase. It helps by bringing the product to them and virtually letting them try the product instead of relying on their imagination.

By taking products to a virtual platform, you no longer have to worry about the lack of physical experience of products that are catered by many retailing giants. With a virtual platform with an endless space possibility, you can offer your users an option to try out their products in their own space. Scaling their products allows them to visualize better.

By increasing the order values, values of individual items added to the cart, and minimum order values, EcomARcio assists in taking your business to a higher level.

When it comes to providing a palatable service to your users, EcomARcio provides a range of features that helps your products stand out. Features such as cross E-commerce application compatibility, multiple SKUs support, Videos and Images capture and share, and instant floor and wall surface detection It doesn’t end there, it also provides them the best possible variant that they can try according to their space!

Bringing this experience to the comfort of the users revolutionizes the way E-commerce businesses are conducted by creating value through a unique experience. With the E-commerce sector valuing over 124.35 billion dollars by 2024, it has become crucial for E-commerce businesses to adopt futuristic solutions to stand upright in the challenging market. EcomARcio takes a step into future. Experience future, with EcomARcio.

    What does it offer? 

    Surface detection based on camera scanning

    Accurate visualization of products

    Cross application compatibility

    3D product catalog with all possible variants

    How it works

    The camera scans the surface device is pointed towards

    A 3D image with 360 degree fully scalable option is displayed to the user

    The user can drag the product and scale it to a position to see if it fits his requirements

    Upon selection of a product, the user is redirected to the seller page for checkout

    The advantages that EcomARcio offers

    Anytime anywhere access of products

    360-degree view of the product

    Range of variants to choose and try from

    Accurate surface detection and product recreation

    Saves time and costs by reducing returns

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