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The world is getting bigger, and the need for real estate is growing stronger with the annual growth in population sizes across countries. By identifying the growing demand in real estate, many real estate companies have joined the market with over 2 million real estate agents in the US alone.

An increased number of people are looking for homes with an annual 4.5% increase in new property sales. Would you believe that over 650.17 thousand units of houses were sold between 1963 to 2019?

The real estate sector is growing at a pace that can really be difficult to catch up with. And with the increased need for realtors to market their properties to the clients, it is clearly apparent that they need to come up with better ways to market their property to not only stand out against the growing competition, but also provide customers with a unique experience of their service.

With over 89% of customers relying on real estate agents to buy a property, it has become essential for realtors to up their game in selling. There are quite a few enterprises that have made their reputation by identifying the clients’ pain points like many realtors online (like Colliers international or Zillow Group and similar international online real estate companies) have done by catering to them from early on. However, that not be the case for most realtors.

One of the key factors in real estate is that most property owners look for “a home” and not a house. And for this reason, they employ lots of experts and seek their consultancy to make sure that they get the home that they always dreamt of. There is a moral aspect of homes associated with property owners that is why it becomes difficult for realtors to sell properties to their clients.

In today’s world, the sector has faced a new problem of the pandemic, making it really difficult for agents to give a physical walkthrough of the property to their clients. Home buying had witnessed a fall of over 40% due to the pandemic resulting in a massive loss for agents. It became pretty apparent to come up with a solution that can solve the problem associated with physical property tours that result in high travel costs, lack of coverage of different options available for the client due to the distance difference, limited angle coverage when it comes to property view and other similar problems.

Since millennials have joined the demographic of property buyers, with over 65% of the first-time homebuyers being millennials, it has also become equally important to cater to their techno-savvy lifestyle. Augmented Reality is said to be benefiting at least 40% of the real estate companies in the United Kingdom.

To cater to the issues of the real estate sector, Plutomen Technologies have developed an application that not only bridges the gap between broker and clients but also lets the client get the best for their buck. By using the extended reality technology, ImmobiliAR was developed. It is the product of years of research into a plausible solution that allows clients to gain valuable insights into the property by being able to virtually walk through each and every room of the property.

This has opened up possibilities for architects and property brokers when it comes to property showcasing and planning pf the future property design. This application single-handedly has solved the dual problem of travelling and lack of coverage of different property options for the customer by bringing a multitude of property designs and layouts to the comfort of their place regardless of where they are located. It comes with features that allow the user to get a panoptical view of the property, which was earlier a problem.

Unlike any usual real-estate property showcase, which is done using a 2D layout, ImmobiliAR uses 3D model of the property that comes with camera modes that are implemented in the application to provide the user with a complete view with camera modes such as POV mode, and bird eye view that gives them to experience their property/future property in real-time. In addition to this, they also get to choose the time of the day/ night to get a realistic view of their property.

ImmobiliAR is made for the marketers and realtors who want to create an impact on their customers by offering them a first-hand experience of the property letting them walkthrough in a 1:1 environment of their property.

Through this application, the user can plan with better outlook from both interior designing as well as space management perspectives, by getting an accurate recreation of the actual property or future property layout.

All the user got to do is to point his camera to a surface with 2D layout for this application to do its magic. Upon importing a 2D design of the property, an accurate 3D layout of their space which helps them decide whether the property suits their spatial requirements or not. And they don’t have to take a physical tour for it when all of it can be done from the comfort of their home or workplace.

ImmobiliAR has brought change to the real estate sector by facilitating both users and marketers with a convenient feature that allows them to evaluate/showcase a lot of different properties options in 3D from a single platform. This can be a lot more ineffective if done physically visiting each property.

    How it works

    Upon pointing the camera towards a 2D layout of a property, its 3D layout is displayed

    It provides a 360° view of the property along with quality zoom in and zooms out without any pixelation

    Marker based AR technology helps user by guiding them through spaces

    Creates realistic indoor layout in which user can walk through virtually

    The camera can transition from one room to another, giving the user an experience of an actual walkthrough

    What users get

    Their choice of properties based on their budget and other specifications

    Virtual walk through the property from each room, be it a kitchen, bedroom, hall, or bathroom

    Customized layouts that Plutomen can develop as per the requirement

    Full view of their property/future property encompassing every angle

    Anytime anywhere access to the property

    Better reach for geographically distant prospects

    A 3D layout from their 2D property layout

    A detailed floor plan for interiors


    • It can be used by marketers to showcase a range of properties with a greater outlook of their design in 3D
    • For planning out the interiors of a property with different material combinations and spatial planning
    • Prospects can be given a visual storytelling
    • For users, it can be used to try out different properties that suit their requirement


    • Helps in saving money on model development of future property
    • Provides the convenience of not traveling considerable distances to get a look of the desired property
    • Humongous range of properties to choose from with their 3D designs readily available
    • Assists in making better decisions when it comes to choosing home
    • It gives anytime anywhere virtual access to the property
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