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Long are gone are those times wherein machines had to be reliant heavily on experts solely to fix long production cycle times. Manufacturing giants with high technological capacities cannot afford to lose productive time due to breakdowns, machine failures, and halts. To be reliant on experts increases not only their waiting time but also the costs of logistics and fixing.

With a trained and capable workforce, reliance on experts is significantly shortened, and technicians can troubleshoot technical problems themselves with a complete insight into the different intricacies of a machine. It is reported that organizations have spent over 82.5 billion dollars on training alone in 2020. Why is training such an important aspect, you may wonder? Because through practical training only it is possible to create a self-sufficient workforce with satisfied knowledge gaps.

Driving decisions becomes faster with a capable workforce that has a clear knowledge of the technical fundamentals. According to a research study conducted by SHRM, it was found that over 31% of machine workers lacked the skills needed to work on machines. There is a huge gap in terms of knowledge, and it can only be filled by employing methods of training and knowledge that workers can easily adopt.

With the arrival of futuristic technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, it is now possible to shorten long downtimes when it comes to these highly technical machines. One of the most commonly faced problems in the MRO area is lack of knowledge, and to bridge the gap between experts and on-field workers, there is no platform available. Do you know that there is an increasing number of layoffs, especially in the manufacturing sector, due to high levels of skill deficiency in workers? To decrease the reliance on experts’ presence in the field, workers have to be trained in a manner that is conducive to the industry’s needs.

For this, there needs to be a method that can be utilized that can help them attain higher knowledge levels through quick visual models that can seamlessly render knowledge when it comes to different parts of a machinery. Research says that over 80% of the total workforce can better understand using visual methods than traditional ones.

What if there is a technological solution that can recreate large and technologically intricate silos and machines into the size of our hands? Won’t it be easier to train employees and market if we had an accurate model that can make the impartation of knowledge easier?

Plutomen brings you an Augmented Reality solution that can help you train your workers with accurate visualizations of your mechanical assets. MachinARie has the capability to represent the exact machine in 3D. It uses the devices’ camera to scan the surface upon which it renders a realistic recreation of a particular model of a machine. This opens up possibilities when it comes to training and marketing.

Do you know that our brain processes visual graphics better than texts? The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, using visuals to train is more effective than conventual manuals. Workers can retain faster from training programs when visual models are used compared to text. With visual tools, workers can get better insights into complex machines.

Through exploded views of different machine components along with the description, workers can get deeper understanding and conduct operations with greater clarity. Technological assets are of greatest value to our organization even more valuable are the workers that operate on them. Environments that require high safety standards make it also equally important for workers to have clear working knowledge without it, they would take more time in troubleshooting and have to rely heavily on experts’ presence.

With accurate 3D visualization of mechanical parts. For example, if there is a large plant where there are highly complex boilers which need prior training to operate. It can be easier to train if there are already available 3d models of the boilers such that the technicians can gain useful knowledge on its components and the way it operates.

Ensuring the safety of the workers is also one of the prima facie priorities for any enterprise. For this, they make sure that there is minimization of incidents that happen as a result of gaps in knowledge and lack of training. With MachinARie, it becomes feasible to ensure environments with safety for workers. When it comes to creating a 3D model of the machinery on a simple piece of paper then MachinARie comes into the picture. It opens up a lot of opportunities for marketing too, since with on-the-go scaled-down 3D models readily available, it is easier for marketing managers to showcase their industrial products to their customers.

There are lots of facets to industrial products that make them harder to showcase, for instance, their humungous structures and intricate components. machinery comes with videos, images, and all the necessary visual guides that help you pitch your industrial products with increased probability of prospect retention. It comes with a range of tutorial videos, exploded view of the machine parts, sub-assembly lines and more, making it a revolutionary solution for marketers and trainers alike. It becomes an on-the-go manual that can be used to induct a new employee into your organization, or it can serve as a studying tool by trainees. There is another application for machinery and that is anytime and anywhere access to knowledge which eliminates reliance on logistics.

    Areas in which machinery is used

    How it works

    Point the camera of your device to a surface

    3D model with a 365-degree view is rendered

    Displays available information and videos relating to the machine

    Can be scaled according to the surface it is rendered on by dragging and rotating


    • Instant and effective On-The-Job training solution
    • It is a 3D manual that can be accessed from anywhere
    • Provides an exploded view of a machine that helps in learning about its different components
    • It provides in-depth information on different components which can be used in marketing initiatives
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