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Measuring is a concept that has been part of humanity for a very long time. The use of cubits in ancient Egypt relied heavily on the length of the human body that specifically used a length of a forearm, hands, and palms as the basis of deriving measurement. Cubits were intelligent discovery as a unit of measurement for the time that was used primarily in the field of construction and surveying and similar areas where measurement was required. Still, it was highly inaccurate since the length of the forearm, hands, and palms were highly relative to the human body taken as a reference.

With this, it can be deduced that the tools that were used for measurement in the early ages were highly unreliable. There was a need for a more accurate and reliable means of measurement covering all the measuring aspects. With the rise of manufacturing, construction, and other sectors, it became more critical that measurement of the spaces be more accurate with more complexities of structures and spaces over time. There was also an increased need for reliable systems to render accurate measurements of these complex and intricate spaces. This was because there was a high risk of increased human errors in rendering measurements because the spaces that were subject to measurement were either complex in nature or there was a high rate of repetition (for improving the accuracy) increasing errors in measurements.

With time and technology, measuring became more standardized and tools more complex, with the process of measuring becoming more accurate than before. With the emergence of immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality, it was possible to provide measurement with the technological augmentation that it needed since there was an underlying issue of accuracy. By leveraging disruptive AR technology, Plutomen was able to develop a single solution that not only solves different issues pertaining to measuring also evolves it to a significant level.

Introducing, MeasARe, an application that revolutionizes the process of measuring by using Augmented Reality for rendering accurate measurements. There is not a single aspect about measuring that it doesn’t cater to. It is an evolved measuring tool that is engineered to make the complex task of measuring easy with the use of intelligent technology of AR allowing the user to make point precise measurements with the use of advanced features. Through an easy-to-use interface and cross device compatibility, it becomes a complete measurement tool whether it is the on-site civil engineer, plumber, interior designer, surveyor

From conducting a full-fledged area measurement to determining an object’s volume, it takes care of everything. With the help of MeasARe, you can draw visual ruler on a space to measure it. With a virtual 3D spirit level feature that can help provide accurate levels for both horizontal and vertical beams it becomes a must have application. One problem that we often encounter when it comes to measuring is the issue of reliance and trust. There are many measuring tools that are developed, but only a few out of them are reliable in rendering accurate measurements that often make us fall back to our good old ruler or the measuring tape.

Another problem that we encounter is the lack of any platform for on-the-go conversion of units during measurement. It solves this through a seamless conversion feature that helps the user convert measurements into different units. Adding to this, it supports both English as well as Metric units of conversion. The issue of carrying cumbersome measuring devices is solved through compilation of all the important features from all the measuring devices to a single device that can fit into one’s pocket.

With MeasARe, measuring area and volume becomes simple. All you got to do is point your phone’s camera towards the subject-object or space, and renders an accurate measurement for it using AR-based guidelines. It opens up possibilities in measuring since there is no physical interaction involved. You can visualize how any furniture would fit into a particular space.

There is more to it than what appears when it comes to MeasARe. Take advanced features that allow for customized measurement of spaces. For instance, this feature can be used to make customized measurements using the drawing tool that can be stretched on a straight plane to calculate the distance in real-time. And the most intriguing aspect about this is that it is not just limited to straight planes. Whether it is a space or an object, it has the unique quirk to adapt itself and utilizes the best possible measurement techniques. It can be used to provide measurements of distances that are hidden from view due to obstructions.

    Some of the applications that it can be used for are:

    • Exports a detailed floor plan for any space
    • For field surveying
    • Measuring a product for logistics
    • Making measurements of furniture to ascertain whether they would fit right at the designated place
    • Planning out a space for interior design
    • Measure distances for a particular space
    • Conduct arbitrary measurements
    • Measure intricate spaces for plumbing work or hardware to be installed

    The following are the features that MeasARe renders:

    • Calculates area and perimeter for a given space
    • Can export image during inspection on the subjected area under measurement
    • Draws 3D lines for arbitrary measurements
    • Provides a spirit beam for leveling purposes
    • Determines the volume for a given shape
    • Measures distances from one point to another
    • Additional features allow for arbitrary measurements

    Features that MeasARe offers

    • Provides a virtual space for displaying different models
    • Screens all the possible variants and designs of a car in a real-time rendering
    • Renders a POV of the car comprising of the cockpit, passenger seating and more
    • Gives an in-depth view of how specific parts look together in different combinations
    • 360-degree view of the car with drive mode and flashlight feature

    The following are the advantages that MeasARe offers


    repeated measurements of the same object can increase the error rate if a standard measuring tool involves physical interaction. MeasARe cuts the element of error and improves the precision of measurement.


    You needn’t carry many tools or have to keep a physical device for measurement when you got an all-inclusive application for it

    Decreases human error:

    Regardless of the expertise in the area of measurement, there is still a gap due to the human error element involved, especially if the measurement of a complex area is in question.

    Cross devices compatibility:

    It is developed keeping in mind all kinds of smart devices. It supports multiple devices, from mobile devices to tablets.


    MeasARe is engineered with years of testing and continuous improvement, upgrading it periodically to attend to different measurement complexities.

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