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For any industry, the backbones are the technological workhorses that keep enterprises running and produce outputs that carve growth for any enterprise. For these assets to be up and running from time to time, periodical maintenance and repairs are a must. A study has found that running equipment to the point of failure can be highly costly, about ten times than regular maintenance. And to attend to these highly complex queries, there is a need for equally adept experts who are in line with the workforce responsible for attending to these repairs and maintenance jobs.

In today’s world, no industry is strange to operational hiccups, breakdowns, and increased downtimes. Therefore, it becomes preeminent to solve these issues before they occur. For this, there is a need for real-time collaboration between frontlines, experts, and processes. In the conventional industrial setup, in case of breakage or malfunctioning of equipment, or need for maintenance, there is a long waiting period involved for the field service engineers to be visited by experts to troubleshoot the problems. This causes a massive loss of valuable operational time and the overall productivity of the said unit. Without creating a permanent solution that can bridge the gap between frontline workers and experts, it is almost impossible to mitigate probable losses.

Enterprises have to accept the new normal as over 55% of the workforce have migrated to remote working with the pandemic having severely affected economies worldwide. It has become challenging for manufacturers to work with full capacity given the regulations set forth by the government. There is a huge loss that enterprises are risking to take in order to maintain compliance.

Knowledge workers have shifted from partial to complete reliance on collaborative tools to operate from home. This has also increased the number of workers changing their workflows entirely, relying on online tools to execute their operations. For knowledge workers, it is possible to some extent to be wholly functional remotely working from home, but what about frontline workers? It is found that frontline workers form over 75% of the global workforce. There is a dire need for a collaborative tool that connects them with experts and updates them on different facets where they lack.

Times are changing, and with it, the need for better technologies that can augment the way processes are executed. We are moving towards a future that is not only revolutionizing operations across different industries but also bringing change in the workforce, enabling them to deliver better with clarity in standard operating procedures and technical expertise.

For palatable quality and consistency, it becomes equally essential to navigate them in terms of unknown processes and train them with the right technical knowledge. To be self-reliant instead of relying on technical experts to solve breakdown, troubleshooting issues, it became imperative to automate problem-solving wherever necessary. It is highly critical to setup a medium that can cut redundant processes and narrow them down to purely efficient ones.

No longer will halted operations, increased downtimes, and waiting time be an issue for enterprises. Plutomen has designed an Augmented Reality based solution that bridges the gap between frontline staff, processes, and experts. This can significantly bring change to workflows through intelligent features such as AR-based instructions, remote assistance, inspections, 3D annotations, and more. Keep your frontline problems at bay with a streamlined platform that can assist your workers by connecting them with experts and provide them with real-time remote assistance.

ARMS was developed keeping in mind the challenges faced by enterprises face such as fall in productivity due to equipment breakdown, malfunctioning, miscommunication or lack of communication channels between teams, and knowledge gaps in workers. It brings the best out of your frontline teams through a speedy collaborative platform. With ARMS, you can assign 3D annotations on subjected equipment or object on a real-time basis that can be accessed anytime

By unlocking the possibility to communicate critical information anytime across experts and teams from anywhere, ARMS cuts down miscommunication problems, significantly boosting productivity by up to 40%. It offers a platform for seamless knowledge sharing and training that can increase the competency levels of your workforce by 30%. By powering your enterprise through ARMS, you can decrease downtime by 20%. It provides features such as AR instructions to facilitate error-free inspections and remote assistance for Maintenance and Repair Operations. According to a study, it was found that AR-based assistance can reduce the rate of human error by 90%.

Keeping your workers safe in a highly hazardous environment is quite essential. A research study has found that workers working in any operational setting are vulnerable to increased injury rates. The study also found that injury rates varied from industry to industry. With the injury rate increasing with an increase in the processes added to the operation, the injury rate grew.

ARMS allows your workers to connect from anywhere. This can significantly cut the time and cost of repeated visits and improve first-time fixes when it comes to MRO and inspections.

    What you get

    Centralized user management

    AI-powered knowledge center with troubleshooting videos

    On-the-go maintenance guide

    Chatbot, one to one and group chat with doc sharing

    User analytics from the admin dashboard

    Robust access controls for admins

    Dedicated user and admin features

    Freeze mode for better focus

    Smart images & video-based notes that can be explicitly delegated to location

    A platform for knowledge sharing and training

    AR-based instructions for inspection and maintenance

    3D annotation and AR-based drawings that can be attached to real environments

    Remote assistance from experts

    Customized enterprise integration from Plutomen

    How does ARMS help?

    Boosts Productivity: Through remote resolution and cross plant expert help

    Remote Assistance: Anytime anywhere remote assistance that eliminates traveling

    Remote Inspection: Instant root cause analysis that boosts first-time fix rates

    Saves Time: Helps in increasing machine uptime through remote assistance

    Ease of troubleshooting: With readily AR instructions and remote expert help

    Reduces Costs: Reduces logistics and traveling time, reducing considerable costs

    Safety: Keeps frontline team safe with AR instructions, training, and remote assistance

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