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Hardware Troubleshooting


DIY troubleshooting is no longer a complexity. With Plutomen’s application, users can identify the root cause of the hardware breakdown and follow step-by-step instructions to fix the same. Expert’s presence is a prerequisite for most cases. However, with the power of futuristic technology such as AR, it is possible to identify and fix machine queries on the spot without needing the physical presence of experts. Through AR-based instructions and remote expert assistance, hardware troubleshooting becomes effortless. Let’s say if you got a photocopier machine that has stopped functioning. AR-based expert instructions can help you identify the part that needs to be replaced along with the standard procedure to troubleshoot. This can relatively save both your time and cost with the need for experts to travel being eliminated.


  • Common users may not match with the level of expertise of technicians, therefore, creation of a common ground can be a challenge.  
  • Creation of 3D assets and animations over real life objects 
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