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Traditional e-commerce platforms have huge success in terms of retaining customers who are quickly browsing through different product catalogs and make a purchase. But do you know, these form only a small chunk of the total online customers? Most of the customers don’t find the experience of brick-and-mortar stores online. Introducing, Virtual Store, that augments the experience of shopping online by bringing the brick-and-mortar store experience to the comfort of your customers. It comes with a huge range of benefits such as integration with your delivery and payment infrastructure, real time analytics of footfall and more, all made to enhance your customers’ experience. 3D environments allow the customers to actually experience the products instead of just browsing them. You can customize the isles to redirect the customers directly to their most preferred products. With filters, customers are able to make decisions faster and it can significantly increase the shop cart values and decrease abandonment. You can even setup experience zones that the customers can navigate to for watching commercials, play video games and more. Setup your virtual store today with Plutomen ! 


  • Creating virtual store in a short span of time 
  • Rendering the accuracy of physical store  
  • Analytics on footfalls, customer behavior and preferences 
  • 24×7 Support 
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