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Use Cases

Blood Pressure Monitoring System

One application of Augmented Reality is in the visualization of instructions of use. For the Healthcare sector, an application was developed that can render instructions on using a blood pressure monitor into AR, making it easier to learn how to use them.

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Hardware Troubleshooting

DIY troubleshooting is no longer a complexity. With Plutomen's application, users can identify the root cause of the hardware breakdown and follow step-by-step instructions to fix the same. Expert's presence is a prerequisite for most cases.

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Measurement can be a tedious task, especially when determining the area, volume, and perimeters of complex areas. Getting it accurately executed requires multiple instruments such as ruling tape, spirit level, rulers, and others. However, there are challenges to measuring when it comes to using physical instruments.

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Simulation Based Training

Training workers who are responsible for working in highly stressful environments can be challenging. Designing training modules that can make them more efficient in understanding and attending to industry specific queries is what trainers across industry are trying to solve. 

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Virtual Store

Traditional e-commerce platforms have huge success in terms of retaining customers who are quickly browsing through different product catalogs and make a purchase. But do you know, these form only a small chunk of the total online customers? Most of the customers don’t find the experience of brick-and-mortar stores online. Introducing,

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Water Quality Monitoring System

One of the magnificent applications of AR-based inspections is in installations, specifically monitoring systems for portable water. The engineer can use AR-based instructions and markers to install water monitor systems at varied client locations effectively.

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